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All our cider is hand made on our orchard in Ardmona, centre of the fruit universe.

We are just two hours north of Melbourne, in the Goulburn Valley, which we believe is Australia’s premier fruit-growing region.

Our fermentations are carefully nurtured through time-honoured stages required to produce authentic cider and the end result is only ever tested on humans.

Researcher Dr Sally Plunkett segued from a career  in cow cuisine preferences to devote her life to the creation of fine beverages on the family orchard. Drawn by the siren song of some of the world’s best apples, peaches, pears, etc (it’s a long fruit list, lets not bore you yet), Sally set out to create beverages that bottled The Goodness – the flavours and aromas of fruit freshly plucked from orchard obscurity to dance in the spotlight on your palate.

Apples, pears and many other fruits (as we’ve said, a long list) are picked  a few metres from our craft brewery, where we relax, watch the fruit grow from the ciderhouse door  and occasionally turn our minds to creating Australia’s freshest cider.

We are proud to grow, ferment, filter and bottle some of the world’s finest fruit at our orchard in central Victoria, Australia, so that you can sample The Goodness wherever you are.

Contact Dr Sally to learn more about Snakes & Ladders.

Our Partners

Snakes & Ladders is based at Plunkett Orchards at Ardmona, in central Victoria, Australia. Snakes & Ladders is a sister company of the Thieves & Duffers fruit winery.