Craft-brewed Crushed Apple Cider Currently available!007 Snakes and Ladders CTPP 8-11-13 - crop

Contact us now to order your portion of craft-brewed crushed apple cider produced on our fifth generation family farm in central Victoria, Australia.

24 pack of 330ml Snakes & Ladders Crushed Apple Cider

$89.99 incl. GST + Postage

Buy two 24 packs and we will deliver them to you free!

026 Snakes and Ladders CTPP 8-11-13

Online shop coming soon!

We have been busy filling orders for our cider at markets and with a variety of specialist retailers.

While we are fiddling with screwdrivers and cursing at the internet connection as we strive to set up our online shop, please Contact us to order direct from Dr Sally.