After years of study, a PhD, two children and the raising of many animals, Dr Sally Plunkett decided that a life surrounded by apple trees was not complete without a fine beverage to finish the day. With vast quantities of some of the world’s finest apples metres from her doorstep, Dr Plunkett set her sights on the creation of a world-class cider.

Name: Dr Sally PlunkettDSC_8196 smaller

Occupation: Brewmeister

What you actually do: Desperately try to avoid falling into large vats of brewing fruits, sample The Goodness, bottle The Goodness for others to enjoy, General Secretary of Fruit  Fanciers’ Collective, expert dog and child herder

Future plans: Brewing up new ciders to delight and entertain the palates of the world. Also, to continue to avoid falling into large vats of brewing fruits.

Location: Plunkett Orchards, in Ardmona, Australia’s premiere fruit region. Okay, so you’re not sure about Ardmona – have you heard of  Mooroopna? What about Shepparton? Yes well, the Snakes & Ladders HQ is tucked away two hours north of Melbourne, on a family farm that goes back five generations.

Favourite ingredient: It’s a secret family recipe. The ‘secret’ word is probably a giveaway that I’m not going to answer this one.

Secret weapon: The Goodness

Career goal: Getting more people to sample The Goodness (once tried, never forgotten)

Second in command: Lexie (part-labrador, part-something else no-one can identify)

Why the PhD: You can never be too prepared. Cider making is a great passion of mine. I’ve dedicated my life to bottling The Goodness for others (and the PhD was all about looking at the eating habits of cows; but there is no doubt it inspired me to think more about the palates of humans).

To find out more about Snakes & Ladders Cider or place an order contact Dr Sally at Snakes & Ladders HQ.