The long wait for cider perfection

It takes time and a bit of patience to worry over each new batch of cider, waiting it to reach its perfect point before we capture the moment in bottles. It’s nice to wander in the orchard to while away … Read More

Newsflash: grab some of our latest batch

Newsflash: Our lastest batch of Apple Cider has just been bottled, orders are coming in thick and fast and a new vat of Cider is leaking out aromas that are making us all thirsty. Long lunches in the ciderhouse have … Read More

No time to hibernate

It’s really a privilege to live in the middle of an orchard. Fruit is safely stored at ultra low temperatures in storerooms, keeping the apples miraculously cold and fresh before they go off to supermarkets and fruit shops around the … Read More

Orchard is spectacular

We are seeing spectacular colours in the orchard this Autumn. Now to translate that into great flavours for Spring…

Who doesn’t love their Granny?

We get really excited about fruit out her on the farm. Current trends are towards sweeter, crisp red apples like the pink lady, but on a cool morning, fresh from the tree, who could resist the darling old Granny Smith?

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